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Abhi Ratna Exports

Welcome to Super Ratna, Consumer and master counsel to pick - Super Ratna Detergent, First decision of womens for fabric washing is Super Ratna, Tough stain no issue discover Super Ratna and sine India, The energy of Super Ratna can handle your intense stain,Refresh your laundary invigorate yours temperament in one brisk wash, Keeps garments looking new and clean with Super Ratna cleanser powder with herbs. Keep garments looking crisp and clean with Super Ratna Popular Detergent Powder with Herbs. The home grown blend, bounteous in the concentrates of lemon, neem and climbed, sterilizes and lights up garments, and abandons them noticing rose new. Whites turn out brighter, and different garments hold their unique shading and delicate feel. Delicately handles intense stains, grime and checks while ensuring the texture and your hands.
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